Application of vortex layer apparatuses for creation of water-fuel emulsions

Our company has developed a composition of a water-fuel emulsion (WFE) consisting of fuel oil, waste oils and water. This composition, when burned in boilers, met all the thermophysical and environmental requirements for boiler fuels.

This WFE was certified and supplied to boiler houses before their conversion from liquid to gaseous fuel.

The practical experience of using WFE produced on our equipment has confirmed the receipt of large economic and environmental effects (tests in Kazakhstan).

Theoretical and practical works of many researchers are devoted to this topic.

The following issues were studied:
- efficiency of using WFE in thermal power engineering;
- problems of resource conservation and environmental safety in the operation of fuel installations at WFE;
- the use of vortex layer apparatuses to produce WFE;
- improvement of the marine fuel system based on the vortex effect and integrated water treatment for WFE;
- optimization of the modes of operation of the vortex layer apparatus;
- improvement of WFE quality indicators;
- WFE preparation system design methodology;
- and so on.