VORTEXPROM is a brand created for the production and technical direction of the VORTEXPROM RUS LLC company's activities.

VORTEXPROM is developing and producing industrial equipment. The company offers a ready-made solution for the production of lubricating oils using the patented innovative technology of "cold" stream mixing.

The main feature of the company can be considered a constant search for innovative solutions. The VORTEXPROM RUS company was created in 2009 under the name of LLC "Regionmettrans". The VORTEXPROM brand originated in 2019 as a result of a qualitative transition to a new level of development of the company.

The team of VORTEXPROM RUS LLC is actively exploring new technologies all over the world. The company regularly conducts production tests with the participation of its own and invited specialists from partner companies. Cooperation with the leading research institutes of the country allows us to manufacture equipment with the participation of researchers of the highest category.

In its arsenal, VORTEXPROM has patents granted to it by employees of VORTEXPROM RUS LLC.

The VORTEXPROM RUS LLC and the VORTEXPROM brand are permanent participants of thematic exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Company awards at international exhibitions: