Kazan National Research Technological University

KNRTU scientific schools, which have world authority and recognition, conduct research in priority areas of science and technology development.

For the production of experimental batches of products, technology development and commercialization of developments, a research and production park has been created, including business incubators, innovative landfills and a technology transfer center. To date, the innovative infrastructure of KNRTU includes 38 small enterprises and 26 RECs with leading scientific and educational institutions of the country.

Thus, the university has everything necessary for the implementation of a full innovation cycle: an integrated system of continuing education, developed fundamental, applied scientific, and project activities, a network of its own production facilities. Among the university's partners are the largest regional and federal companies. Among them are such leaders of the Russian economy as Gazprom, Sibur, Aeroflot, Tatneft, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Kazanorgsintez, etc. KNRTU trains specialists for these and other companies, organizes practical training for students, implements joint scientific research and a wide range of project work.