JSC "Tula Scientific research Geological Enterprise"

Tula Geological Research Enterprise was established in 1961. It develops and supplies new technologies and technical products for mining and drilling operations and geological and technological research.

There are developing technical products, which are widely used in exploration and associated mining of deposits. Such as: diamond and carbide drilling tools for exploration drilling and testing of wells for various purposes and equipment for exploration and testing of placer deposits of precious metals and diamonds. All types of chemical analytical work and technological research of ores of precious, non-ferrous metals and man-made raw materials from laboratory to semi-industrial are carried out.

State and interstate standard samples of precious metal ore compositions and geological exploration processing plants are manufactured. NIGP products are used in the exploration of deposits of precious, non-ferrous metals and diamonds.

The company is engaged in geological and technological research of technogenic raw materials and the development of technologies for processing industrial waste. The Federal Fund of Standards of Ores of Strategic types of Mineral Raw Materials operates in the enterprise.