How to order a vortex layer apparatus?
Good afternoon! For ordering, please contact us by phone number +79202962377 or send an e-mail to info@vortexprom.com.
How does the vortex layer apparatus work?
The vortex layer apparatus (VLA) is a reactor and auxiliary equipment in the form of a control and cooling unit. The basis consists of a reactor, which is a hollow cylinder made of non-magnetic material, inside of which ferrimagnetic particles are placed, and an inductor with a system of windings that create a rotating magnetic field is mounted outside. By driving the particles into complex motion, the field forms a vortex layer of them in the reactor working area.
Which key advanteges does the vortex layer apparatus have?
They are the maximum reliability and ease of operation (the possibility of continuous operation 24/7/365), ease of maintenance, energy efficiency in comparison with competitors from 2 in some areas up to 100 times, compactness and high performance, the possibility of serial and parallel connection, which makes it possible to build lines with any performance, versatility of equipment, the possibility of application for several tasks at the enterprise.